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Appointment Form

List of facts to gather.

  • What kind of service are you looking for, One-On-One at their locations of choice or Online or a Classroom.
  • How did you heard about aWiseTutor to see if you quality for a discount.
  • If kilometers are required. Use this link to help fill out the appointment form below. Local Public Address.
  • There is $1.15 per kilometer on way. No hourly rate during driving.
  • Access the Company Calender blow to check for available Dates and Times
  • If we are going to be at your location of choice, we need that phsyical address and we need a billing address if different.
  • What is their prefered method of payment? EG: Cash, Credit Card (Squareup POS), E-transfer or some other option.
  • Other questions to ask, other than what is on the form. (This is to be added to the notes of the form)
    • What do they need help with? EG: Computer Setup, E-mail Service / Software, Install Programs, Anti-virus Software, Typing, Modem / Router, Internet, Security, Graphics, APPS
    • If any, what kind of issues are they having?
    • What kind of Operating System do they have?
    • What kind of other devices are used with the computer with issues?
    • Try to determine the size of the job as an estimated

List of facts to offer.

  • We have a 30 day warrentee on all service completed and recorded on the service agreement / invoice statement. With one exception, Windows 8 and 10 may have UEFI Secure Boot and these computers can not be warrantied.
  • Terms/Conditions: All services to be paid at the end of the completed service. All out standing bills are to receive an addtional interest charge of 2% per month with a collection charge of $50.00.

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