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Two Major Computer Chip Flaws
( January 2018 )

They are named Spectre and Meltdown.

These flaws are within the design of most if not all modern processors. This includes desktops, laptops, smartphones, and cloud servers are at risk of being affected by the Spectre bug. Meltdown appears to be specific to Intel chips. This affects all computers manufactured as far back as 1994.

What can we do about these Flaws?

Many government agencies and computer suppliers have been working hard to circumventing these flaws. The end result is a slow-down in all computers that are at risk, via patches and hardware replacements. Some sources suggest that the slow-down will be anywhere from 5% to 30% once you are patched.

So, the only other thing that individuals can do, is to be more diligent in protecting your own equipment. One of the biggest steps is to not save your passwords in your devices. Also, don't leave your Internet on, only for when you feel you need it. Check out my Internet Safety blog post for more things that you can do.

Therefore, it is very important to update your computer equipment to make sure you receive thoughs patches and other updates.

Black Hat Hackers

Hackers have been taking advantage of these flaws. As result companies have been under attack with software such as Ransomware and other software. They have been attacking hospital computer equipment, government offices and even Bitcoin and a 3% hit in business just because of the news.

Chip Flaw Summary

As a result of these issues, I have been rebuilding my own in home Internet Security system and have already updated all of our computers, which we are sure have the necessary patches that have been created by this time. Yes, our computers have slowed down a bit, but it is worth it to be able to keep our Internet access, which is our access to news and education

One of many sources that can confirm the information above is : CNNtech

Happy Surfing!

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