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Linux Mint compared to Windows

I will start off with an analogy using automobiles. Every car manufacture has their own styling, their own ways to use the signals, lights, etc. But at the same time, they all have the same steering wheel, gas and brake pedals all in the same place. They all cannot be the same because of trademarks. That everyone of them needs something special to create competition.

Linux and all of its variations does not have the money behind them to advertise to the market like Windows did. On top of that, Linux took years of free development to get to the point that an average user can use it as efficiently as Windows or Mac

Now that we are caught up to today, Linux Mint VS Windows is similar to the analogy that I started with. So let's get to the differences. When setting up, they both look for updates, and have similar configurations such as user details and Wi-Fi and other options. Just like the standards of a car. Now there are the differences just like the signals, lights, radio and more of a car. There are differences between Windows and Linux.

As the title states, I am going to use Linux Mint VS Windows in general. There are many different kinds of Linux that claim they are similar looking to Windows. However, (in my opinion) this is the best version to start off with, if you are new from windows.

Linux Mint (as many others verison of linux as do) has built-in applications that take care of everything from Microsoft documents, to mp4 to games and so on. There is even an application called Wine for running some of your favorite programs meant for Windows OS. Another great thing about Linux, is that you can plug into your present computer and play with it without installing.

Windows, after formatting needs to install all of those favorite programs. You will have to pay for many of them. With Windows, it is so complex, you have to install it on the computer to be able to use it and you have to pay for it. Where Linux you do not need to install other programs as they are included and it is free.


If I was given a choice of which Operating System I would choose, it would be Linux Mint. Mostly because it has everything I need right out of the box. Just plug in and play. No hassle. No fuss.

Happy Surfing!

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