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Shutdown -- Screen Saver -- Hibernation

Why do we need to know about these three topics?

Shutting Down

To shutdown any computer device, including laptops, means doing a software shutdown. With most computers, you can find the shutdown by mousing over or clicking on the OS (operating system) Icon and follow the links from there.

What this means is that you are saving electricity, wear and tear on the computer, and allowing the computer to reset itself. If it is Windows OS, it also helps to reset the registry system to stay organized.

Screen Saver

As most people already know, screen savers appear after a set amount of inactivity. The original use was to save time from restarting the old computer systems as it took a lot of time to restart or reboot.

Now a days, it is just a graphical feather that wastes electricity and can be annoying to some people. They can also use up more of the computer's recources to get any activity done. This means that your computer can start slowing down if used too much.


Hibernation settings are more ideal than screen savers today and are great for those short times away from the computer. It saves on electricity and wear and tear on the hardware.

This does not mean that you should use this for overnights or while you are travelling with your laptop. You could be causing short and long-term damage. I have known people to only use hibernation without ever shutting down the system and they always end up with issues. This is not a good idea.


All computer devices need to be shutdown once in awhile. If it will not be used for 6 or more hours, then shut it down. Screen savers only have a graphical appeal and do nothing for the computer. Hibernation is great for those short bits of time away from the computer, like a lunch break.

Happy Surfing!

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