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Windows 8 Issues

Abby shares her knowledge about Windows 8 issues.

What are the issues?

Start Up & UEFI

What is wrong with the Start Up?

It is very simple!
Windows 8 is to set up & boot up with an email address, even before the anti-virus programs can check to see if there is an issue.

Here is an example of why it is BAD!
I was asked to set up a friend's brand new computer. To configure and install safe and efficient programs, I started the process, knowing that she was wise to use Microsoft based email account, of which she already had. Unknown to me, she had a virus in her email account. What this meant was, she had a virus even before I could install the anti-virus program on her computer. It caused a lot of issues and time was running out. I informed her of the issues and would return the next day to resolve the problems. She got a third party Microsoft Company to help her remotely. They of course could not help her. When I returned the next day, we made a new Microsoft related email account and I formatted the computer and started fresh with the new email account.

As expected, this resolved the entire issues and she got her money back from the other company that said they where Microsoft. Microsoft does not have a call-in tech support service. However, they do have online help.

Bottom line: Do not set up a Windows 8 computer with a pre-existing email account, make sure it is a new Microsoft related email address. Also, make sure you never deal with tech support that say they are from Microsoft. They only have third party companies for call in support, which of course costs lots of money for very little affect.

Best of luck on your installation and boot up of your Windows 8 computer.

What is UEFI?

UEFI is a community effort by many companies in the personal computer industry to modernize the booting process. UEFI capable systems are already shipping, and many more are in preparation. During the transition to UEFI, most platform firmware will continue to support legacy (BIOS) booting as well, to accommodate legacy only operating systems.

UEFI stands for "Unified Extensible Firmware Interface". The UEFI specification defines a new model for the interface between personal computer operating systems and platform firmware. The interface consists of data tables that contain platform related information, plus boot and runtime service calls that are available to the operating system and its loader. Together, these provide a standard environment for booting an operating system and running pre-boot applications.
Ref: http://www.uefi.org/faq

Why is UEFI an issue?

Here is an example of why it is BAD!
I have come across a computer where that the Windows 8 Operating System got corrupted and needed the hard drive to be formatted, not just the partition that it was installed in. (NOTE: This computer was previously taken to a computer store service department with the knowledge that it had to be formatted. They only did a recovery allowing the system to still have the corrupted features.) With my attempts to use an ISO on DVD or USB, they were not recognized by the UEFI. I was use to using BIOS. The UEFI had blocked all access except network boot. Typically a personal computer is not in such a situation for a network boot.

Now, for the nerds that are reading this! LOL

The solution to get away from the UEFI is to disconnect the HD, CD ROM, USB devices from the UEFI and to be able to get a new Operating System installed. This disconnect can be done either physically or by software methods. I choose to do the software approach.

I do this software approach, with the following steps.

  • I spent time saving the customers files on an external hard drive.
    (This is time consuming on its own!)
  • Used the existing damaged Windows 8 to do a format of C: drive and do a partial install of Windows 8.
    (This let me change from UEFI to Legacy.)
  • With the Lenovo model I was working on, it took me many attempts with F2 to change the settings and accept to Legacy.
    (this will be different in every computer, some worse than others)
  • Once in Legacy mode, I was then able to use a Ubuntu disk, in live mode to format the entire hard drive.
    (This means that the corrupted content in the other partitions was gone.)
  • Then I was able to reboot with a Windows 8.1 ISO disk to start the full fresh install.

After many wasted hours , the result was amazing! I had a perfectly running computer.

The bottom line is: if Windows 8.1 is installed on a computer with UEFI, it is most likely to be cheaper for a customer to buy a new computer than to have a corrupted Windows Operating System formatted properly!

Best of luck with your UEFI issues . I am sure there are many more UEFI issues, as I feel the cons outweigh the pros for the use of UEFI!

Update - Mar. 20/15

I have created a new ISO file. It is based on Ubuntu 14.04 and it includes a couple of anti-virus programs, and several other programs. In addition, I created a bootable USB stick with a second partition that contains my favorite Windows programs.

If you would like to have one, please contact me.

This page is to help you and I to create better business ethics and be better business people!

Happy Surfing!

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