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There is no need to make things complicated!
My services are vast, but simple.

I have had great success in tutoring people while having them use their own computer. In almost all situations, I will be travelling to the customer, to a location where they feel comfortable.

From selling refurbished Apple products, servicing, repairing, and software. Call for details!

Apple & MacBook Pro Air Water & Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair

Apple & MacBook Pro Logic Board/Motherboard Water & Liquid Damage Restoration Repair Expert!

Don't sell your laptop as our successful repair rate on water damage MacBook's are 95%

We can repair your Apple, Macbook Pro or MacBook Air notebook without having to replace your logic board or motherboard. Motherboard or logic board level repairs for Apple and MacBook notebooks from the BIG BOX stores usually range from $700-$1100+ on MacBook Pro models from the years 2008+ and up.

As long as the customer has access to their computer and to the Internet, I can help them while using ZOOM or Teamviewer programs.

This service is intended to help a group of people while using the ZOOM program. For the topic(s) that that group desires to learn about, by sharing my screen.

One-On-One Tutoring
Every time I meet with someone, the session is always customized to the individual needs. The session can be at their home, or any other location that has free Wi-Fi, such as coffee shops, libraries, etc.

Can be arranged in your home, at a coffee shop, or even with the use of the Internet with programs such as Teamviewer or ZOOM. You can access Abby at: ZOOM Login ( ID No.: 6011794207 ). All with your Comfort and Security in mind.

Parties (Home Gatherings / Seminars)
Each party will set a topic and platform. The computer education party will typically be held in the organizer's home with a minimum of 4 people and not more than 10.

Groups (Classroom Environment / Presentations)
Each group will be tailored to meet their needs. The group or class will be held in employment centres, community centres or libraries. (With a minimum of 8 people)

Added Computer Tech Support
When tutoring people with their own computer(s), at times some computer Tech Support work is needed. When this occurs, it is often just a matter of software clean up.

Computer Tech Services / I.T. (Information Technology)
There are times that a customer needs more than just tutoring. I can help with almost everything. File retrieval, anti-virus clean-up and repair, software clean-up, hardware repairs and much more.

Website Services
Help is available with all aspects of having a website, from creation to maintenance, to help with setup of hosting and domain name accounts.

Technology Components
Help is available for all computer or technology components, from consulting to purchase to installation.

Other Computer Related Services
From time to time someone will bring me an issue that they are not sure of. Remember that there is no harm in asking.

Driving Service Area

I offer services throught Northern Ontario.
Here is a MAP showing approximate travel time.