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The world is always changing!

Are you having a hard time keeping up
or just want to learn new computer skills?

aWiseTutor is just the place for you! I can help almost everyone. Age, ethnicity, location, etc. are not an issue. As long as you have a computer, I can help you. There is no need to make things complicated! My services are vast, but simple.

I have had great success in tutoring people while having them use their own computer. In almost all situations, I will be travelling to the customer or to a location where they feel comfortable.

  • Online Only Option
  • Webinars Services
  • One-On-One Tutoring
  • Home Parties / Seminars
  • Classroom Environment
  • Website Development
  • Added Computer I.T. / Tech Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Learn just what you need
  • Learn in a comfortable setting
  • Sensible Prices
  • Communicate with friends & family
  • Gain more confidence
  • Enjoying your computer
  • Feelings of security
  • Online Only $45.00/hr
  • One-on-One $50.00/hr + km's
  • Web Development $25.00/hr
  • Information Technologist $75.00/hr
  • Webinars $15.00/person
  • Seminars $25.00/person
  • Presentations $180.00/event +km's
  • Ejecting Hardware
  • Be Aware of Scams
  • Internet Safety
  • Northern Internet Providers
  • Kinds of Internet
  • Helpful Add-ons
  • Can. Anti-Spam


Great video to show how easy and safe it is to use.
You can find Teamviewer at teamviewer.com


Great video to show how easy and safe it is to use. (my preference)
You can find ZOOM at zoom.us
My ID number is: 6271745183