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Regular $45.00/hr NO km's   2 hours $15.00 per person (min of 4)
Seniors $40.00/hr NO km's   3 hours $20.00 per person (min of 4)

  One-On-One     Parties (home seminar)
Regular $50.00/hr + km's   2 hours $25.00 per person (min of 4)
Seniors $45.00/hr + km's   3 hours $35.00 per person (min of 4)

  Computer IT
(Information Technology)
    Group (presentation, class)
Hourly $75.00/hr + km's   3 hours $180.00 per class + km's
* Monthly $225.00/mon + km's   4 hours $225.00 per class + km's


1) All rates to include mileage/kilometers based on a Local Public Address to your choice of location for the session.
There is $0.575 per kilometer, round trip (if applicable)
2) All One-On-One sessions will be a minimum of 2 hours.
3) The Group pricing is service only. The costs are negotiated depending on demographic and requirements.
4) * Monthly rate is only Estimated and required negotiation depending on what you want covered.

HST tax may be applicable. (13%)


The following are a few examples of Computer IT Serives:

  • Basic computer clean up is approx. 1 hour. (EG: $50)
  • Computer clean up with limited bad software removal is approx. 1.5 hours. (EG: $75)
  • Basic formatting the computer is approx. 1.5 hours. With this option, you will get a fresh start, everything will be gone. (EG: $75)
  • Computer clean up with proper replacement of old anti-virus with a free/paid version anti-virus program takes approx. 2 hours. (EG: $100)
  • Proper formatting the computer is approx. 2 hours. This option keeps most if not all of your files. (EG: $100)
  • File recovery is possible in most cases. Depending on the problem, the time would be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. (EG: $50 to $200)
  • Customized formatting of the computer with many to all of your favorite programs and your files takes 4 to 8 hours depending on details. (EG: $200 to $400)
  • Computer repairs can not be quoted. The cost is based on the required parts, getting the parts and the time to complete the repair. (Please Inquire)

Common problems are that I have seen in the industry, is computer cleaning and formatting. Most services only provide a basic cleaning and basic formatting or recovery. When doing so, most people end up being unhappy with what they paid for. I make sure you know what you need and or want.

I do not sell programs or computer parts! If programs or computer parts needs to be purchased, that will be the customer's own seperate expense. I can assist and advise on various options and software installations. This has been an issue for several of my friends in the past, when they used a computer IT service previously. Therefore, I make the standard practice to not sell programs and computer parts.