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Anti-virus Programs

Updated Oct./16

These programs are an important part of computers today. Unfortunately, many people are not told about some key issues. The biggest one is, that you can not have two or more anti-virus programs in your computer at the same time. Some people have removed them by going through the Control panel in Window OS, but it is still in your computer, and active in the background. There is much more that needs to be done to resolve this. There are several other issues as well. Please  contact me, if you have any questions.


It is my suggestion that you go with a free version such as Avast or Avira. I like the free versions, because we do not need the entire paid for versions of all anti-virus programs, as they tend to slow down your computer.


These programs have not been designed the same way and are OK to run in combination with an Anti-virus program. In many cases it is helpful to have both kinds of programs to be able to protect your computer.

Mac OS X & Linux (all versions) 

I still use anti-virus programs here, simply because I do not want anything that comes into my computer to be passed onto to my friends and family. Recently, I use Sophos, but at present I am using Avast.

UPDATED Oct., 2018

Within recent time of this update, it had become evident that Mac Operating Systems now need anti-virus programs and many companies have been stepping up to give consumers more options to protect them from bad software.

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