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Northern Internet Providers
(Parry Sound District)

Internet Choice, north of Muskoka

In a recent post, I talk about  Internet Options . It is intended to help you understand what kinds of Internet services that are available to the consumer. An educated consumer is a better shopper.

Below, is a simplified list with other links for finding your future Internet Provider.

I wish you all the best in your hunt for finding the company that will give you the service(s) you wish for a reasonable price.

List: Updated Mar 28, 2019

  • DSL: Bell.ca has the most coverage, which is Internet through the copper phone lines.
  • Fiber: Bell.ca, lakelandnetworks.com (limited with in Huntsville, Burk's Falls, Sundridge and Magnetiwan), agilisnet.com (rumoured to be coming as wifi), ontera.ca (rumoured to have in limited services areas)
  • Cable: Cable services such as Rogers, Shaw & Cogeco are a little more sporadic in availability, but clearly the best choice as I expressed in my Internet Options post.
  • Other: Then there are other suppliers that do accept retail customer that are in assorted groups or classes. Some of them provide for any of the above or act as a third party provider. Here are just a couple of them: corebroadband.ca & galaxybroadband.ca

Keep in mind, that some of these providers overlap in the categories mentioned.


I did a post called "Search Tips". This can be a useful way to go beyond my searches.

This is another great way to find information. Go to Google Maps and search your topic. Here is an link that shows many more options for you:

Give this a try and see what come up for you. My list and your friends list will all be different.

Happy Surfing!

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