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Info to start a website

Scams, Don’ts & Do's of Web Site Development!

The above sentence structure is off, however that is the order I will talk about in things below.


Never go with a whole package from one company. Often, they will offer a great price for an all-in-one deal for the first year.

The common scam of this is that they will have part control of your domain name. Once they have gotten that, the service will most likely get worse and you will eventually want to move to a different company for some reason or another. The most common issue is the increased price on the following years. That will be way too much for the poor service that you have received.

Now for the bad part, because they have control of your domain name, you will not be able to move your website or domain service to any other company.

Be aware that there are many companies that claim to be Canadian, but they are using USA services. This is not a good thing.


Cheapest is not the best deal. You always get what you pay for. Never have your domain name(s) with the same company as the website hosting. Never work with an out of country service as there will almost always be a language issue and potential for legal issues between them, your business or self and your customers.


Now for the best part! Some of this will now be obvious but should still be said.

Do the opposite of all of the above, which is to get separate companies for your domain name(s) and for your website hosting. Get the services that are within your own country.

When getting your domain name(s), make sure your name is a part of all sectors, such as Owner (Registrant), Web Development (or similar) and Tech Support (or similar). For example the USA services do not care about C.A.S.L. (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation). I have linked C.A.S.L. to my very first post to help you get educated on the topic.

Separate from all this is to acquire your SSL Certificate (HTTPS://) for your website. Google search engine and others have been making things more obvious when you do not have a secure website. You don’t want people to leave or communicate because of it.


In being aware of all this, you not only save money, stress, and time, you will have a smoother running business. This leads to success!

Happy Surfing!

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