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Keyboard Tips

Understanding Your Keyboard

As people start to learn how to use a keyboard, they find it difficult to understand what some of the keys are for and where to find them.

Graphical Look

I will start off with the a graphical look at the keyboard. Here you will find a general style of keyboard. Not all are identical, some are more basic and some have more detail than this one.

Click the image above for a larger clear view.

Examples keyboard shortcuts:

     1) For Copying something.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "C"

     2) For Pasting something.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "V"

    3) For Printing something.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "P"

     4) For Selecting All.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "A"

    5) To Save your efforts.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "S"

  Others that are interesting are to zoom in or out for better viewing:

     6) For Zoom Out.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "-"

    7) For Zoom In.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "="

     8) For Restore Size.
        While holding the "Ctl" button, then press "0" (zero)

For a full list of shortcuts check out this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_keyboard_shortcuts

A bit of history

In Short, all of today's personal computer's code came from UNIX. Back then, everything was done with code. There was no graphic look like we have today. They never thought of the common user of the future. So, for their uses, they came up with the shortcut key strocks that most people use today.

Happy Surfing!

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