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SEO Made Simple

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

The more trusted the site the more popular it will become.

SEO is mostly if not all done by the Website (Web) Developer based on the guidelines of the customer.

The more external things that a customer does towards that SEO the cheaper it is on the cost of the website.

Below, I will give you some detailed breakdown of the topics in the image above. I will do my best to keep it simplified.

NOTE: Be aware of this topic, before signing into any contract. There has been a trend for scams on this topic. A knowledgeable Client is a safe Client!

Customer Focus Topics:

  • Client Needs – This is a discussion between the client and Web Developer

  • Content – Most of the text will have to be completed by the client as they know their business the best.

  • Description – This is commonly used in the meta tag and on website submissions. This at least needs to start with the client and requires to be about 100 to 250 characters. The first portions being the most important.

Share Focus Topics:

  • Design Input – This partly overlaps with the Clients Needs, however this is mostly about how the website will look to the people viewing it. Clients negotiate with the Web Developer over some of these details.

  • Links Input – Both parties need to agree on what links are to be added to help improve the overall SEO. These are links to other website and are internal, along with the kind and style of link.

  • Photos – In a lot of cases, the Client already has them. Sometimes the Web Developer needs to acquire more or some better quality photos for improved end results

  • Link Building – This is normally an external process of getting your websites linked back from other websites of all kinds.

  • Medias – This is not only new articles, but can be any sort, such as Ads, Banners, etc.

  • Social – Normally people associate this with chatting with other people. Yes, but it also includes online social media websites and apps.

  • Blogs – Having one internally maintained blog is good, but using an external source is also good as both have their benefits.

  • Community – This interpretation differs by each individual. I am showing this one here, because this is where both client and Web Developer are out in a public place or events chatting with others about your website.

Web Developer Topics:

  • Key words – This is taken care of by the Web Developer at or near the end of the final published website.

  • Content Limitations – There are times that the Web Developer can add or change content to increase the search ability of the website.

  • Website Stats – The web hosting service supplies this and the Web Developer has easy access to it.

  • Up Time – Again this is the job of web hosting company that maintains the web server.

  • Coding – The Web Developer has the final control over how they use code to give you the function the client wants. Often this is where security features are added.

  • Design – Some of this is done by code, and other parts are completed with graphic design. This is often custom designed.

  • Links – The Web Developer creates the links within the coding, and comes from both internal content and from some of the Share Focus Topics above.

  • Find – This is a combination of several topics, the most common are meta tags and submissions to search engines.

Simplified Summation:

All this and more, futhers the development of having a completed and trusted website, that people can find.

Happy Surfing!

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