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Wi-Fi vs Data

Wi-Fi vs. Data for cell phone and other devices.

I have come across an issue that many people are unaware of.

Sales reps will say or imply anything to make a sale to phone or other devices seem simple. This gives many people the thought that Internet is just that. Unfortunately for them, the Internet comes from different sources.

Data Plans

One of those that is badly abused is the Data plan that comes commonly on cell phone plans, which can include some tablets being connected to Data as well.

Data plans are from your cell phone provider and is one source of Internet. Usually, a user only gets a limited amount of bandwidth such as 1, 2, 5 or 10 Gigabits per month. For most people using social media, even 10G’s is too small. This means that their cell phone bill goes up and some times to an unrealistic amount.

Many devices can be set to restrict the uses of Data in different ways. Of course, this will also reduce your risk of an increased cell phone bill.

Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi is the similar with this issue. Wi-Fi is Internet that is supplied by some version of router(s) or even modem(s), whether that is at home or at a business that is providing it for their family or customers.

More importantly, all devices can be set to default to all of the Wi-Fi services you use over the costly data plans.

Most businesses that offer free Wi-Fi make it so that you need to use their password and quite often restricted to an amount of time. This allows other customers to also access their Internet.

Most people do not realize that their home modem or router offers Wi-Fi as well. This often comes with default settings that in most cases can be accessed by your neighbour's as well. This is when my post on Internet Safety comes in handy to read.


Ethernet is hard wired from the modem / router to your computer devices. This is ultimately the best Internet connection that you can have. Unfortunately it will not work with cell phones or tablets.


Make your home Wi-Fi your default for Internet uses and second to that, use free Wi-Fi offered at your favourite businesses. Leave your data plan for when you have no other options.

Happy Surfing!

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