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Non-Licensed VS Licensed VS Authorized

For Tech Support and Repair Shops


These repair shops have the freedom to do more repairs and have access to more options for parts, which in turn creates a better service for the customer.


These repair shops are often following the guidelines of the manufacture, such as Apple. They are very limited to what repairs they are allowed to do and are often connected with an authorized retailer, to help a customer find a replacement device.


In simple terms it is a cross between both Non-Licensed and Licensed. Authorized repair shops tend to get the advantage of tech reports and access to parts more readily from the manufacture and sometimes at a better price to benefit the business, not necessarily for the customer, with some conditions of either limited services or limiting some part.


Education requirements are different for each Tech Shop and each Manufacture. Some accept first hand experience / self-taught such as myself. And others prefer more, such as CompTIA A+ certification (of which I am qualfied) or further education from college or university.


All three versions have there pros and cons and differs per person and per device as to which is the best. Over all, most people are on a budget these days and then the best option often is the Non-Licensed repair shop.

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