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What are they?

SSD is a Solid State Drive. In very simplest terms, it is like computer chips that hold data. They function like an HDD, but data is stored on flash-memory chips that retain the data, even when the power is off.

HDD is a Hard Disk Drive. In very simplest terms, it is magnetic discs that hold data. Traditionally they have spinning hard disks that is basic non-volatile storage, and the data stays on the disks until you need it again, even when the power goes off.

SSD's are smaller, quieter as there is no moving parts, using less power and faster than HDD's will every be. There is some dispute about durability of SSD's.

HDD's are larger, can make noise as they get hotter as they have many moving parts and hold a lot more data than SSD's

A bit of History of hard drives. It is known to have started as far back as 1956 with IBM and got smaller and smaller as time progressed to todays standards. I recall using a 5.5 inch floppy back in the 80's to the now 3.5 inch HDD's. Then came along the SSD's at 2.5 inch wide and improving their technology.

To Summerize everything in life has its pros and cons. We all have to out weigh them and make our decsion based on the needs at the time. I just have one tip and that is to use an external hard drive to store your data regardless of which drive you pick.

Here is a list of some great websites that give a lot more detail about both SSD's and HDD's and there comparisons. Each of these links show and discribe the topic in different ways.

Happy Surfing!

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