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Windows 10 (2015)

Updated Oct. 2016 & April 2017

Windows 10 in short is too new. On the positive side, Microsoft has combined Windows 7 & 8.1. The unknown issue will be how they will deal with the login and UEFI / secure boot issues.

I stated it was too new. Look at the history of Microsoft, in general. Windows XP SP3 was a good system, then Windows 2000/Visa was a lemon. Then Windows 7 SP1 is very good and Windows 8 was VERY bad. What about 9, as they skipped it. So what will Windows 10 truly be like? Only time will tell.

Then there is the free version of Windows 10 as an upgrade. Well all operating system are OK after an upgrade. However, if you ever need to format, you will lose Windows 10 and start from scratch with whatever is in your hidden partition. Therefore, you do not truly have an upgrade and you may not get it free after the first format.

Update below (October 2016)

Free upgrade is over

There will be some computers that will still have their free upgrade process, as a result of the owners Internet access and computer settings. In short, this is mostly because they had their computer set for automatic updates at the time they had downloaded the file that starts this process. Eventually Microsoft will arrange to delete or default that file to fail.


One of the changes that Microsoft has added to the process of free & future upgrades, is that once you have done the upgrade (free or paid), it is wise to do a Recovery. Once you have completed the recovery, you then have a full and complete version of Windows 10 with no version of Windows 7 or 8.1 remaining.

Update below (April 2017)

For use northern or remote community users, we need to make sure that we do a recovery and in the process turn off all the extra bits of software that come free with Windows 10. 

The issue for us is that it uses to much of our limited bandwidth speed and monthly limits.

The bonus to doing this, is we increase our computer speed and give us more privacy at the same time.

Happy Surfing!

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