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Optimization Software

When it comes to this kind of software, most of the advertised (online scan service) will always find things wrong, just to get you to download one of their versions of software. You do not need any one of these services or programs.

There are many programs that trick you into downloading something and often they create more problems than you already had. They can also be hidden in your emails and you would not even know it was there. Once you click on that email, you have given permission for it to be installed.

One of the worst offenders that I have found so far is Super Optimizer Pro. Once this is installed into your Windows 8 computer, that’s it. It’s done. Just put that infected computer in the garbage and get a new computer! All other computers need a true or complete format to totally get rid of Super Optimizer Pro and its family of software.

Let me explain this harsh comment. In my earlier blog post about Window 8, there is UEFI secure boot issue. It will cost more in time to fix, than it will to buy a new computer.

Bottom line is, you do not need to spend any money on software. I have two favourite programs that we can use along with proper daily care, there will never be the need to use these other bad programs. See: Ccleaner and Defragger by www.Piriform.com

Happy Surfing!

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