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Email Services & Providers

Differences Between Various Email Services

Internet Providers

All Internet Providers, provide their customers with at least one free Email account. In many cases, they can be provided up to 10 Email accounts and sometime even more. It is almost always offered as a fee service to your Internet access account. For example Rogers gives you (yourname)@rogers.com, Bell gives you (yourname)@sympatico.ca, etc.

This can be awesome as they will provide support to help you access and use this service.
However, this is used as a tool to keep you with them and to not switch services. The reason being is, should you leave to go to a different Internet provider, you will lose all those saved Emails.

Free Email Service Options

This is a great option and there are many of them. With a free Email service, such as the ever popular Gmail, Hotmail (assorted services), Yahoo and so many more; you never have to worry about who your Internet provider is, as they are never connected to each other.

Domain Name Emails

Any domain name has the right to access their own Email accounts. Look at mine for an example. My website is www.awisetutor.com and one of my Email addresses is abc@awisetutor.com. It looks so much more professional when a domain name holder does their own domain name, whether it be for personal or business use.

Most, if not all Web Hosting plans now include at least a few Domain Emails for free. They too provide all kinds of help for the customer to access and use this service. Here too, if you are relying on them for Emails, you will most likely stay with them. Because once again, if you move to a different Hosting Service, you will lose the history of your Emails. Luckily, there are options here to help save them, but the Web Hosting Service does not support this.

Efficiency of Email Services

Most people will have noticed a difference in time between sender and receiver of Emails. This occurs for an assortment of reasons, mostly beyond the users control. However, there is one way that improves the speed. If I have had issues with a receiver of an Email from me, I will often send them my Email from the same service. For example my Gmail to their Gmail, my Yahoo to their Yahoo and so on.

Keep in mind that Emails are not guaranteed to get to the end user. So, if you do not get a reply, contact them to make sure they got it. Sometimes it can be hidden in the junk / spam folder and the receiver didn't even know. If they didn't get it, try the same service idea as I mentioned above.

My Suggestions

I recommend to have several different Email addresses with free third party services. Please refer to my post about Internet Security for other details.
1) One that is for the majority of your uses, such as family and friends, online services and account, etc.
2) One for a backup, as sometimes the one Email server may be down for maintenance or a service you have logged into may need a secondary account as a security option.
3) One for potential spamming services, where your visit a website and you need a login but you think you may receive spam from them.

NOTE: Use different services for each to help protect yourself form an assortment of other issues and also increase security!


Never use your Email and its password to log into your computer! Windows 10 wants to make people think that they need to do this. You DO NOT need to. This will create more problems for you in the end.

Happy Surfing!

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