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Search Tips

Understanding How to Search

Over the years people have been frustrated with searching for things on the Internet. I hope this post will help you get through your struggles.

Modern Searches

Today, there are many different search engines. Most have advertising and some sort of tracking or spying for the purpose of giving you advertising and supposedly better search results. This idea is often misleading and is the misunderstood part of doing a search. The benefit of doing a search today, is you can type a logical sentence to get some results.

With this kind of search, it is nice that you can ask it a question, but you are restricted to your general location and your browser(s) history. This often confuses people, as when one person does a search from their location and tells a friend and they do the same search in another location; they will get totally different results. This is because the modern search engines know your IP address and give you results based on your location, not your friend’s location and based on what each of you browse on the Internet.

A bit of history

Back in the day, search engines did not use sentences. It was always based on keywords. Those key words had to be put in order of importance. Also, search engines did not have as many resources to rely on.

As a result, many people got frustrated, not being able to find what they were looking for.

Tips on how to get the best results.

    1) Use search engines that do not track you.
      Such as: duckduckgo, startpage, disconnect, etc. 
    2) Do not use sentences
    3) Use Keywords only, based on most important first
' Examples for keywords
    1) To find a used car in your area?
      Use: Location, topic, refine the topic
      EG1: huntsville ontario honda civic used
      EG2: huntsville ontario honda civic 1999 blue
    2) To find a solution to a problem that can happen anywhere?
      Use: Topic, refine the topic
      EG1: windows 7 wireless not connecting.
      EG2: windows 7 wireless issues connection.

Note: Capital letters and commas are not necessary as they may interfere in some search engine resources.

Happy Surfing!

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